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  • Mar 21 2008

    Smoke Free Casino Legislation the Cause of Controversy

    Land based casinos have been named everything from “choking boxes” to “gas chambers”, and the lack of smoking regulation has been the cause of so many gamblers preferring to stay home and play online. Following the complaints, Atlantic City established a Smoke Free Casino Legislation a mere 11 months ago. According to the Smoke Free

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  • Mar 20 2008

    Online Casino Portal Acquired by Balslev Media ApS

    The German online casino portal,, has been bought by Balslev Media ApS Jan Balsley for a price of US$591,000. The Danish group has as such become the new owners of this portal, following both the German States Railroad Company and an offshore business. Despite that the buying price is a record for German domain

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  • Bell Fruit Machine Games Now Going Mobile
    Mar 19 2008

    Bell Fruit Machine Games Now Going Mobile

    Many online casino favorites have been converted to mobile platform variations with great success in the past few months. Yet the latest industry release is mobile fruit machines games, now being made possible by Cometa Wireless and the UK Company, Bell Fruit Games. The partnership agreement signed between Cometa Wireless and Bell Fruit Games (BFG)

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  • Mar 18 2008

    Gamestec Reveals Interesting Results on Quiz and Casino Fruit Machines

    Gamestec, a world leading casino games operator, has concluded its research on the differences between quiz machines and casino fruit machines. Titled “Developing the Future for Fruit Machines and Quiz Machines in the UK”, the report revealed that it is essential for licensees, for financial purposes, to distinguish between those customers that are attracted by

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  • Mar 17 2008

    Online Casino Laws In US Brought Into Question Once More

    The European Union has begun to investigate the prohibitive laws of online casino gambling in the US, after the Remote Gambling Association complained of inconsistency in the country’s overall approach to gambling. The Remote Gambling Association is also representative of all European online casino operators, and believes that the US has been forced out of

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  • Mar 16 2008

    Online Casinos Now Aboard Your Favorite Cruise Ships

    Soon all online gamblers and party animals will be able to find high quality online casinos on their favorite cruise liner ships. One of Sweden’s most popular online gambling groups, PlayCherry Ltd., is now planning to install individual game of its online casinos on the cruise liners tracking the international waters of the Entraction network.

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  • Mar 15 2008

    Hacking of Online Casino Now a Legal Matter

    The online casino has become the latest victim of internet hackers, now suffering from severe extortion plots. The latest cyber attack targeted Gala E-Commerce, and caused the online casino to be shut down for more than 90 minutes. The Head of Internet Security at the online casino, Peter Bassill, explained that a ‘more sophisticated form’

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  • Mar 14 2008

    Biggest Even Business Convention for British Online Casinos

    The 2007 Casino Affiliate Convention (CAC) proved to be the largest even business conference for European and British online casinos, and this year’s convention is expected to be even more successful. The CAC is to be held between the 3rd and 5th of April, 2008, at the NH Grand Krasnapolsky Hotel in Amsterdam in Holland.

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  • Mar 13 2008

    Football Betting the Cause of Imprisonment in Malaysia and Vietnam

    Football betting is an illegal act in most Asian countries, and despite that it is sentenced with harsh communist punishments such as life sentencing and death, the online industry seams to have soared over the past few years. Only this week a Vietnamese court jailed a football betting ring of about 15-20 members, who have

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  • Mar 12 2008

    Harrah’s Plan to Create Las Vegas-like British Casinos

    One of the world’s largest gambling corporations, Harrah’s Entertainment, has confirmed that it will be pursuing business opportunities in the UK gambling market to develop its own British casinos, despite the government’s recent rejection of plans for a “super-casino” in Manchester. It was only in late February that the Government finalized its decision to scrap

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