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  • Feb 10 2008

    Casino Bonus Confusion for New Online Casino

    The latest online casino to have hit the gambling scene,, has experienced a significantly rough start to its beginnings. Within only several days of operations the site has already received sizeable amounts of complaints regarding casino bonus abuse disqualification. was launched at the end of January under a white label deal between Kamay

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  • Feb 09 2008

    Microgaming Kick Starts 2008 With New Casino Games

    Microgaming has decided to kick start the new year with the release of 5 brand new online casino games. Ranging from Blackjack to Video Slots, the variation to the casino games is creative and extensive, and as such lives up to the well respected Microgaming name. Perhaps the most popular of the latest casino games

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  • The 747 Mission For Everything Online Video Poker
    Feb 08 2008

    The 747 Mission For Everything Online Video Poker

    Video poker enthusiast, Charles Ward, has signed up with Neekam Company to establish a unique “747 Video Poker Blog”, as an information portal to all things video poker on the internet. The blog will be designed to guide both online and offline video poker players on how to play the game, as well as other

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  • Feb 07 2008

    Play Roulette on Your Mobile Phone using Kenny Rogers’ Platform

    Do you love to play roulette? Well now you can play roulette any time and anywhere using the Kenny Rogers – The Gambler Mobile Roulette Game. Fresh out of The Gambler’s Mobile online casino gambling series for mobile phones, is the latest application allowing iphone owners to play roulette for free. Kenny Rogers’ Mobile Gambler

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  • Feb 06 2008

    The American Presidency Reaches Props Betting Arena

    Props betting is all about taking betting further than just the casino, and anyone with a passion for props betting knows that it can be used on practically anything with an outcome. As such, the latest scene to have been penetrated by props betting is the presidential arena and the upcoming elections. In fact, according

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  • Feb 05 2008

    New Hopes for Online Betting in Germany

    A Karlsruhe court in Germany has ruled in favor of the Austrian firm Bwin Interactive Entertainment to continue providing online betting services to the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. The decision cam after previous judgment to regionally ban online betting in the state was found to be technically not enforceable. Had the decision have been implemented, the

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  • Feb 04 2008

    Free Roulette Gambling Via Interactive New TV Game Shows

    Pitch Entertainment, the UK’s gambling service provider for digital TV and online casinos, has announced the finalizing of a planned partnership with Two Way Gaming, to create a brand new British e-gaming brand to be called “Pitch Gaming”. According to the proposed agreement, Two Way Gaming will provide a casino website for, which will

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  • Feb 03 2008

    New Jersey Pushes for Legalized Sports Gambling

    Following the economic struggles of Atlantic City casinos to raise revenues, New Jersey legislators this Thursday received an effort to push for the legalization of sports Gambling in all Atlantic city casinos.This isn’t the first time that legislators have tried legalizing sports gambling in New Jersey, yet the effort received sudden serious consideration after 2007

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  • Feb 02 2008

    New Austrian online Casino Uses Boss Media

    Online casino software developer, Boss Media, has been officially chosen by Austrian online casino “?sterreichische Lotterien” and “Casinos Austria” to be their network provider for the joint new poker website, The Boss media platform solution has been established in cooperation with, and is expected to go live along with the new online casino

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  • Feb 01 2008

    News Slot Games Go 3D at

    The online center for slot games and video poker,, has announced the launch of its brand new, three dimensional casino at With life-like virtual casino employees, convincing new lobbies, and two new exclusive slot games on offer, the site is expected to make for a completely re-vamped and improved online gambling experience. Completely

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