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  • Feb 20 2008

    888 to Release Sports Gambling Website

    Like many online gambling operators, 888 has had to supplement its heavy loss of the lucrative American online gambling market with new innovations since the Internet Gambling Act of 2006 was introduced. With a 36% increase in revenues in one year from its recently released 888ladies bingo site and increase in casino games, 888 is

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  • Feb 19 2008

    Entertasia Offers Online Blackjack Operators Profitable Solutions

    Macau based online gambling software company, Entertasia, has recently announced the release if its latest product development, “New Blackjack”, as an innovative variation of the traditional online Blackjack game commonly available at online casinos. According to the company description of the game, New Blackjack will be extremely cost effective for online casino operators, as it

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  • Feb 18 2008

    Governments Discuss Fate of American On Line Casino Operators

    United States officials have been asked by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda to grant amnesty to on line casino operators that are based in their island, so that they may be able to pass freely in and out of the US.The request follows a series of high profile arrests of several on line casino

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  • Feb 17 2008

    Playtech to Expand Asian Appeal Via Internet Casino Stations

    A licensing Agreement has been confirmed between internet casino station operator, Bingo Bonanza, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCor) and online gambling group Asian Logic Ltd. The deal will effectively expand Playtech’s participation in the Asian internet casino and gambling markets, now promised to be the fastest growing market in the world for online

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  • Feb 16 2008

    Easy Gambling on the Big Easy

    On Sunday, New Orleans will take center stage as East meets West in the one of the biggest showdowns in the world of sports betting. Besides the fact that the game is taking place in post-Katrina New Orleans, this game has an extra special meaning for the local home team. Currently ranked #1 in the

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  • Feb 15 2008

    Search Engine Giants Taken to Court Online Gambling Advertisement

    Search engine giants Google and Yahoo! are being taken to court over the advertising of online casinos. Despite that the United States Government already settled a claim with the companies for profiting millions by promoting illegal online casinos, their liability regarding the future will be further tested at a hearing on February 11th. According to

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  • Feb 14 2008

    Giant Day for Sportsbooks and Sports Fans Alike

    There is more than one word that comes to mind when thinking about the Giants win last Sunday…”Incredible”, “Improbable”, “Impossible”, etc. No sports betting website had the Giants pegged to win it all. This was a sure thing right? I remember talking with some of my friends, telling them I liked the Giants for the

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  • Feb 13 2008

    It’s Raining Men at the Online Casino

    With all the technology surrounding the online casino community, it’s a small world out there, that’s for sure, but it’s certainly not a men’s world anymore. Maybe that was the situation at the beginning of online casinos, 10 years ago, but right now the situation has completely changed, maybe even reversed. Women play online at

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  • Feb 12 2008

    Betting on the Return of the Mac

    Try asking a Mac user if he or she would ever use a PC again and you’ll probably receive an astounding “no” as an answer. Mac users have been known during the years for their loyalty, as they claim that “their” computers are much faster, more stable and user-friendly. While that may be true to

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  • Feb 11 2008

    Online Poker Popular with the Brits

    How popular online poker really is ? This question, among others, has been one of the most interesting issues that the market analyst company Mintel has checked up lately. Apparently, it is even more popular than predicted, at least in the United Kingdom, where nearly a quarter of the Internet users have played some variation

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