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  • Greece not sporting towards online betting operator
    Nov 20 2008

    Greece not sporting towards online betting operator

    StanleyBet had not even opened its doors properly and OPAP, a Greek gambling monopoly lodged a complaint with the police. The upshot is that 2 employees of StanleyBet were arrested, some gambling machines and equipment confiscated and the shop closed temporarily. The UK online betting operator said that its legal right to provide online betting

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  • Obama era offers new hope for online casinos
    Nov 19 2008

    Obama era offers new hope for online casinos

    He has been heralded as innovative and modern. That certainly seems to be reflected in his campaign ad. Massive virtual billboards for the Obama campaign ran in online casinos around the country.The advert may not have drawn favorable criticism but it certainly made people sit up and listen. The Obama website at highlights some

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  • Gentlemen prefer internet gambling stocks over casino stocks
    Nov 18 2008

    Gentlemen prefer internet gambling stocks over casino stocks

    Although the current global figure for the internet gambling market sector is already standing at $10 billion, it is estimated that this sector will grow to $100 billion in the next 10 years. Internet gambling companies normally trade at approximately 15 to 20 times their revenues. Barring any new internet gambling companies, the current sector

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  • Nov 17 2008

    Vancouver casino the last word in luxury

    After 2 years of construction, Grand Villa Casino is finally open. The casino boasts the best table games and slot action “in town”. There are more than 1000 slot machines, 50 gaming tables and 3 exclusive Club and VIP rooms. Add to that 4 fine restaurants and bars, a show lounge and you have a

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  • Nov 15 2008

    Spectacular Rise of Tribal Casinos because of Regulatory Laws

    Twenty years have passed since Ronald Reagan signed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act into law. At the time most of the lawmakers were under the impression that the future of Indian gaming was high stakes bingo. Indian casinos employ a massive 700,000 workers and had revenue of $26 billion just in the last year. Compare

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  • Nov 14 2008

    Bermuda, the New Home of Online Casinos?

    The country’s head executive, Premier Emil Brown is very positive about the online casino industry. He says that just in the capital Antigua, online casinos have created 3,000 job in the year 2000 and it has also added $37.5 million in taxes to Bermuda’s coffers. He also said that the citizens of Bermuda can now

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  • Nov 13 2008

    Ceasars Palace Casino Presents the Legendary Cher

    Cher will be giving 200 performances over the next 3 years at the Colloseum despite rumours of cancer. The rumours started when she had to cancel two shows at the Colloseum early in October. Shows will run 4 nights a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. She laughs off the rumours saying it is just

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  • Nov 12 2008

    Play Slots with Scratch Cards on Your PC!

    Now you can buy a scratch card from your favorite casino and play the slots in the comfort of your home on your own PC! It seems too good to be true but that is exactly what GameLogic has now launched into the market. John Taylor of GameLogic says that it is about time that

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  • Nov 11 2008

    Galveston Wants a Casino to Restore the Historic Downtown

    To help restore the town after the recent devastation caused by hurricane Ike, local merchants have petitioned the mayor and city council of Galveston to legalize gambling and perhaps even build a casino. City planners agree that casinos may be just the remedy required to speed up economic recovery. The historic downtown area known as

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  • Nov 10 2008

    Wayne Loses his Booty in Early Morning Casino Spree

    He has done it again! Wayne Rooney went out to celebrate England’s win against Belarus. He scored two of the three goals but at the casino he scored only own goals to the tune of ! This is not the first time that the celebrated Manchester United striker struck out at the casino, rumor has

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