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  • Jan 17 2007

    Online Casino Just another Form of Entertainment

    A look at the final three decades or so of the twentieth century reveals enormous introductions that have re-shaped the entire world of entertainment. These new players were first television, then color TVs, the Internet and mobile phone technology, to name a few central stations in this development. Practically all of them have faced some

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  • Jan 16 2007

    Legal Effect of Online Casino Survey Results

    The results of the largest ever online casino survey of its kind, polling over 10,000 gamblers from around the world, will be released on January 23. The occasion at which it will occur is the third annual online casino industry exhibition, the International Casino Exhibition (ICA). The surveying company is the much respected, non-profit online

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  • Jan 15 2007

    Online Casino Companies in the Business

    How to keep gamblers coming and business rolling is the challenge facing online casino companies in 2007, which is already upon us. But there are some difficulties, hurdles on the way. With the US ban on online casino operations to take effect later this year, and different countries around the world debating their approach towards

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  • Jan 14 2007

    Online Casino Technology Solves Legal Issues Too

    Technology companies have taken it upon themselves to not only supply online casino games over mobile phones but to filter out gamblers from locations in which gambling is illegal as well. Thus they stretch their online casino technology to solve legal aspects and problems that the industry must deal with. Their role in the development

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  • Jan 13 2007

    Vietnamese Authorities Take Down Online Casino Sports Ring

    South East Asia is planning to join the global online casino party, but it seems that it will take some time until online casino gambling is really regulated over there. In Vietnam, although a program to regulate the local online casino and sport book industries exists, police are still enforcing the ban over internet gambling,

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  • Jan 13 2007

    Online Casino Brand Buys Two Smaller Operators

    The online casino world has been storming with rumors possible purchases that will change the online casino industry. Many online gambling brands have found it difficult to generate revenue after the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was accepted by the United States Congress, and bigger firms are trying to take advantage of the situation and

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  • Jan 11 2007

    Harrah’s Next Move in the Planning

    Under a leading private equity fund’s majority ownership, Vail Resorts bought up resort hotels and other real estate which includes casinos. This group has been expanding its vacation empire, taking Vail public in 1997 and selling most of its stake in the company in 2004. This company now controls one of the leading casino names

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  • Jan 10 2007

    Payout Dispute Results in Slot Club Fine

    Recently, a complaint was filed by the Nevada state Gaming Control Board against a small slot machine club in Las Vegas about a dispute over a US 5 dollar slot payout. This payout may seem an insignificant issue, but it has become much more than that now after the club officials stopped state agents’ investigation.

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  • Jan 09 2007

    Music Fans Wager at Online Casino

    Is it his guitar playing that is so wonderful? Is it her smooth, mellow voice? Is it their funky groove? Who will win this year’s ‘Album of the Year’ award at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony? A leading online casino group is offering odds on who thousands of people all over the world predict

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  • Jan 08 2007

    German Online Casino Sports Book Fights Ban in Court

    The local online gambling industry in Germany is having a rough time. The State of Saxony-Anhalt has imposed a ban over the online casino industry two years ago, and now the highest court of the country rejected a plea by one of the local online casino sports books against the ban. The German online casino

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