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  • Jul 11 2007

    Online Casino Picks iPhone Craze

    The entire world is exited about the new phone by Apple, the iPhone. Following the incredible success of Apple’s personal music player, the world famous iPod, everyone is looking forward to the new tech gizmo from the computer giant. Bodog, leader of online casino and sports gambling, is known for its connection to the entertainment

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  • Jul 10 2007

    No Smoking Ban to Help Online Casino Sites?

    Who would have thought that legislation could help an online casino? Well, apparently a United Kingdom online casino owner thinks that he can use an anti smoking law in his favor. A new seven-figure advertising campaign was launched in the United Kingdom recently and aims at snatching all those smoking fans that like gambling. Under

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  • Jul 09 2007

    Leading Techie Over at 888 Sells Shares

    Shay Ben-Yitzhak, one of the funders of 888, the successful Gibraltar-based online casino firm, has given up about 13.6 million of his shares and now holds “only” 43.9 million. Ben-Yitzhak held 57.5 million shares of 888, making him one of the most wealthy persons in the online gambling business. 888 is considered by many to

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  • Jul 08 2007

    New Online Casino Games from Microgaming

    Most online gambling platforms are built in a way that promotes diversity, especially casino slots machines. One of the strongest features of online casinos is that they use video platforms for their games. When everything is computerized, it’s easier to change games and offer new attractions. Microgaming, one of the most popular turnkey providers in

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  • Jul 07 2007

    Europe Fans Wager Over NFL World Tour

    America is crazy about football. That’s a common fact that will probably never change. However, Europe’s craze is about soccer, that’s another fact that would not vanish soon. World Cup in England is regarded as War and we see pictures of fans clashing all the time. The NFL realized that Europe has many sports fans

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  • Jul 06 2007

    U.S. Face Additional WTO Hit

    In light of new developments, Antigua and Barbuda is not alone in its fight against the United States. India, Costa Rica, Macau and the European Union (with it’s 27 nations) are considering claims against the U.S. as well. Antigua and Barbuda acted against the U.S. in light of anti online casino legislation in America. Such

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  • Jul 05 2007

    Online Casino Games for the American Public

    The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, as we all know, doesn’t ban online casino gambling but rather makes it impossible for firms to generate profits. How so? Well, financial companies are forbidden from working with gambling firms and they are not allowed to accept payments for gambling services. This means that players cannot deposit any

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  • Jul 04 2007

    Brands Bring More Entertainment to Online Casinos

    What could be more entertaining than partying with Hugh Hefner at his Playboy mansion? If you can’t think of an answer – you’re not alone! Hefner’s entertainment empire doesn’t end with a magazine of lovely girls. Playboy fun also includes online gambling. An online casino with the Playboy brand is offering great attractions for gambling

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  • Jul 03 2007

    Court in Israel Says No to Online Casino

    Israelis are used to the unexpected. The saying ‘you can’t tell what tomorrow brings’ gets a whole new meaning in Israel. That’s why you would expect that Israelis to be deep into online gambling, the virtual realm of the unexpected. Things are far from that. Just Now, an Israeli District Court in Tel Aviv upheld

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  • Jul 02 2007

    Audit Group Says Gambling Business to Bloom

    PricewaterhouseCoopers, an international audit group, took the time and investigated the growth path of the online and land based casino industry. Even though the American market, once the biggest profit generator of the online industry, is out of the picture – the industry in general shows average growth path of 7.2 percent. This figure means

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