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  • Jul 21 2007

    New Online Casino Services by Popular Sportsbook

    The days when online sports books cater solely for the sports loving fans are long gone. Everyone knows that an online sports book is simply an over grown online casino that now offer sports wagers. However, the game can be played both ways. betED, the well respected Costa Rican bookmaker has decided to expand it’s

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  • Jul 20 2007

    Online Casino Gambling Reaches Burma

    Europe, apparently, is not the only continent being swept away by the online casino industry. While the future of American online gambling clouded by legal uncertainty, other parts of the world are opening for virtual gambling. Asia is also in the center of attention, and even Burma is among those to welcome the industry. Even

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  • Jul 19 2007

    When Online Gambling Meets Social Networking

    Well, Americans have found a new way to gamble over the internet. No, there is no online casino involved and there are no video poker games around. A different kind of gambling community is changing the way people are gambling over the web. The site is called “Betcha” and the idea is simple – you

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  • Jul 18 2007

    Online Computer Games Might Be Categorized as Gambling

    The online casino industry has always wanted online gambling to be considered as a form on online entertainment. Just as computer companies offer multiplayer games for the internet, the casino firms hopes that the public would view them as yet another computer company offering similar services. Time went by, and a new British regulation might

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  • Jul 17 2007

    Betcha Goes Under the Gambling Commission’s Microscope

    Washington State’s officials do not seem to rest as yet another online gambling firm gets the call. Washington State Gambling Commission investigators took down the company operation seizing computers from the Seattle-based site. People who visited Betcha’s site during the last few weeks saw claims made by the site’s founder regarding the legality of the

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  • Jul 16 2007

    Online Casino Giant Reports Solid Progress

    The Gibraltar-based 888, one of the largest and most popular online gambling groups in the world, has announced that business is good. The firm’s interim results will only be published on September 10th, but that doesn’t stop voices from within the company. The online gambling firm is “confident” about its prospects for the rest of

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  • Jul 15 2007

    Australian Software Provider Expands into Europe

    BEToptions, the Australian betting software developer is expanding into Europe. The remote online casino turnkey provider has probably realized that the European gambling market will be in the center of attention the next couple of years, and decided to act appropriately. David Grouse is going to be the new manager of European operations over BEToptions.

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  • Jul 14 2007

    New Ruling Stats Fantasy Sports to be Legal

    Fans of sports betting would be happy to learn that Fantasy sports are in no way illegal. A ruling by a federal court in New Jersey has put an end to speculations and uncertainties about the legality of betting over Fantasy sports. The issue evolved around the fees asked by operates. If you like to

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  • Jul 13 2007

    E.U Does Not Like Anti Online Casino Legislation

    The European Commission has plenty to say when it comes to online gambling and virtual casinos. Following the legal conundrum that takes place in the United States regarding legislation, legitimacy and regulation of the industry we would expect to hear similar voices from Europe. However, the European Commission is going to censure France, Greece and

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  • Jul 12 2007

    Fortune 500 Firms Look into Online Gambling

    The Barney Frank bill holds great promise for the online casino industry. If indeed the new proposal would go through and his bill becomes reality, some of the largest companies in the United States might take a sudden interest in online gambling. Right now, banks and other financial companies are unable to process transactions made

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