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  • Jul 31 2007

    Washington State Takes Down Online Gambling Platform

    Washington’s Betcha, a gambling website that features a platform that resembles eBay more than an online casino, has been shut down by authorities. The site brings together gambling fans and allows them to run their own wagers. If you think of an online casino sports book and it’s wagers, you would get a somewhat close

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  • Jul 30 2007

    Software Developer Signs another Major Group

    Respected software developer Game Account has signed a multi-year agreement with the largest European integrated betting firm, Gala Coral. Under the new agreement, the leading software developer will license software for the entertainment group and offer its gaming portfolio to Gala Coral’s online customers. Game Account caters for the regulated online casino gaming industry and

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  • Jul 29 2007

    Swedish Online Casino Turnkey Release New Platform

    CasinoModule 3.8, the latest upgrade from Net Entertainment is now available for play. The Swedish online casino software developer has been working on the upgrade for quite some time and now, with its release, we are looking at 5 new online casino games. All games bring new management options and many different options that make

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  • Jul 28 2007

    Women Show Better Skills at Sports Gambling

    As far as the average male is concerned, men know more about sports than women. In fact, most of the women would agree with this claim. However, the Harvard Medical School would definitely disagree. A new study on sports betting via the internet shows that high-stake women gamblers are better than their masculine counterparts! That’s

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  • Jul 27 2007

    NETeller Leaves another Market

    The ban over online gambling in the United States has devastating implications for online transaction service providers. Most of their business was based on gambling lovers that used the online casino sites and needed a way to transfer money around. Upon the enactment of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, many companies that had dealings

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  • Jul 26 2007

    Frank’s Online Gambling Proposal Gains Off-Shore Support

    Congress Barney Frank has gotten unexpected support from an unexpected source. The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has expressed its support and appreciation for Frank’s efforts to pass a new online casino bill in the United States. Frank is heading a group of politicians that believe in the power of online gambling. The new proposal, titled the

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  • Jul 25 2007

    Mega Online Casino Jackpot Up for Grabs

    Cryptologic is well-respected in the online gambling community. The company operates some of the most popular online casinos and offer state-of-the-art casino software for license. However, there’s another reason why the name Cryptologic rings a bell for so many online casino lover. The reason is lots of money. Now, I am not taking about the

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  • Jul 24 2007

    E-Wallet Service Provider Agrees to Settle with US Attorney

    The independent e-wallet service provider, NETeller, announced that it is doing everything within its power to resolve the investigation by the United States Attorney’s Office. The company has been under ongoing investigation for a long time now as former clients did not receive their deposits back. As a direct result of the enactment of the

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  • Jul 23 2007

    Online Casino TV Ads Will Wait

    Online casino gambling advertisements are back in discussion in the United Kingdom. The British government is reviewing its decision to allow gambling firms to advertise their internet services via television. This unexpected reconsideration comes only days after plans for a supercasino had been canceled. The issue of online casino advertisement is controversial one. From one

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  • Jul 22 2007

    More UK firms adopt ID Verification Software

    As the need for a more regulated online gambling world increases, technology companies are answering the call. Three additional online booker makers, websites that offer online sports gambling, have licenses the services of an ID Verification firm. The service allows the gambling company to get additional information about their players so that responsible gambling only

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