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  • Jun 20 2007

    Spend the Off Season Period at the Online Casinos

    Well, the fun is pretty much over with. Not the fun at the online casino, of course – but the fun on your TV. Most of the year’s hit series are over. With Lost’s third season behind us, 24 has finished its sixth season and The Sopranos’ airing its last episode – there’s isn’t much

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  • Jun 19 2007

    Philippine Uncertainty over Online Casino Licensing

    Following the ban over online casino related financial business in the United States the online gambling industry has taken its business elsewhere. With a global gambling community, the power to issue online gambling licenses is a very useful ability for any governing body that want’s to take part in the global gambling market. And power

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  • Jun 18 2007

    Google Cuts Free Online Casino Ads in the UK

    Business is not always easy in the world of online casino gambling. As we all now, the American market is practically close for gambling firms as a direct result of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act – however, that is not all. Google, the world’s leader in online search technologies, announced that its ban over

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  • Jun 17 2007

    The Osbournes to Feature on New Video Slots Attractions

    Microgaming, one of the world’s leading online casino turnkey providers, announced of yet another major licensing deal. The gambling software company signed a new deal with no other than The Osbournes. That’s right; the firm will offer its rich gaming platform to the online gambling public like before, only with The Osbournes online characters as

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  • Jun 16 2007

    Sports Books Offer Poker Tournaments Wagers

    Although poker is mostly associated with gambling, many people believe that poker is also a sport. Poker needs skills and the outcome of a contest has more to do with the capability of the player rather than with luck. A quick look through the different offers at the online casino sports books will show that

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  • Jun 15 2007

    China to Fight Internet Culture by Stopping Internet Cafes

    Every now and then we hear about Chinese authorities raiding yet another online gambling ring. The Chinese government is concerned with its citizens playing at online casinos and invests deeply in stopping such operations. In an effort to stop such activities all together, Chinese officials announced that no more Internet Caf? licenses will be handed

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  • Jun 14 2007

    888 Talks with Attorney’s Office about Online Casino Business

    Offering online casino services to American citizens will cause financial firms to cut all tides with you. That’s understood by everyone in the industry. However; the legal situation prior to the enactment of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is not too clear. 888, one of the world’s largest suppliers of online gambling action, has

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  • Jun 13 2007

    Last Minute “Whack” Wagers for The Sopranos

    As if the American public did not suffer enough with most big gambling firms exited the market, it now has to say goodbye to a true masterpiece of modern television – The Sopranos. The last episode of the popular TV show will air on June 10 and the tension is high. It is so high

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  • Jun 12 2007

    Smoking Ban in England Won’t Help Online Bingo, Other Laws Might

    The online industry is usually concerned with legislation that affects the virtual online space. A perfect example would be the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Upon enactment, most of the big gambling firms in American has left the U.S. market and started venturing for foreign alternatives. The bill doesn’t state that gambling through the internet

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  • Jun 11 2007

    Online E-Wallet Provider Returns Funds

    In last October, when the United States government made online casino business in America impossible, many firms have left the market. One of those firms is NETeller. The company is known for its online transaction services and was a big helper to the industry. Most players used the firm’s e-wallet service and the company suffered

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