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  • Jun 30 2007

    Sports Book Founder Opens Blog

    The online casino industry is known for its dynamic approach. Executives are always looking for the ‘next big thing’ in marketing and online gambling firms carry out new promotional initiatives all the time. One of the must famous characters when it comes to promotion is no other then Bodog’s Calvin Ayre. The head of Bodog

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  • Jun 29 2007

    Korean Authorities Move on Gambling Rings

    Online gambling fans who read the Korea Herald last week were probably not too happy. The magazine reports of the Korean Ministry of Information and Communication and its new plan to increase the pressure over internet casino business. The new plan includes related government agencies such as the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the National

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  • Jun 28 2007

    Rock Fans to Enjoy ‘The New Rock’

    We are already used to seeing the online casino industry popping in the most unexpected places. Casino firms are constantly trying to reach new audiences and the best way to do so is by sponsorship deals. We have seen internet casino logos on soccer jerseys, we saw grand sporting events sponsored by online casino sports

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  • Jun 27 2007

    Online Casino Bill Gaines Further Support

    The road ahead is still long, but Barney Frank’s proposal regarding online gambling is making way. Frank is using his extensive experience in legislative work to promote his proposal. The Congressman’s bill addresses the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and hopes at changing it in a way that’ll bring back online casinos to the American

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  • Jun 26 2007

    No Online Casinos Equals No Gambling? Not Likely

    One of the most interesting issues in the world of online gambling these days is legislation and regulation. Every other day we hear about a new program aimed at regulation the industry. Be it American politicians trying to bring back internet gambling to the United States or be it European government officials that work on

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  • Jun 25 2007

    Internet Gambling Takes Additional Business Overseas

    With online gambling services practically illegal in the United States, everyone’s eyes are looking at Europe. Most of the big names in the business have migrated to Europe and now offer their gambling portfolios to European citizens. The English-speaking market becomes less and less profitable and everyone is changing their business approach. As to mark

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  • Jun 24 2007

    Can Technology Beat Online Casino Statistics?

    Will technology beat the casino? Every now and then we hear about a new program that claims to help players with their casino playing. The modern gambling world is based upon sophisticated algorithms that represent even more sophisticated principles of statistics. In light of such elaborate mechanisms is it even possible to offer a technological

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  • Jun 23 2007

    American Sports Book Giant Targets Europe

    It took time, but now we see it happening with our own eyes – Bodog, possibly the biggest online sports book operator, announced that the firm will try a push into the European market “within months”. The all-American sports book operator is starting to feel the burden of a close American market and follows other

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  • Jun 22 2007

    Popular European Poker Magazine Hits UK

    Bluff Europe, the most popular of European poker magazines, is now available in the United Kingdom. The magazine, which covers both the online gambling world as well as land-based operations, now has a circulation of about 34,000 throughout the continent. As online gambling slowly becomes a global phenomenon other markets are also increasing their once

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  • Jun 21 2007

    New Offer to Regulate the Online Casino Industry

    Congressman Jim McDermott has introduced a new bill last week titled the Internet Gambling Regulation and Tax Enforcement Act. The bill, as the name indicates, is targeted at changing the way the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act handles the online gambling industry in America. McDermott is looking for a new program that would tax online

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