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  • May 31 2007

    Scandinavian Poker Tournaments Turns into Danish Face Off

    Internet gambling is a global phenomena online casinos are usually offering their gaming portfolios for international players. The entire world is playing online, and players from all over the world are winning large jackpots. The American internet gambling industry was known for its large jackpots and high paying offers. However, with the industry migrating to

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  • May 30 2007

    Spider-Man Wagers at the Entertainment Sections

    The third chapter of the Spider-Man series hit the big screen early this month. Fans of the man in red have been waiting for a long time to see their hero once again and with a price tag of nearly $260 million, Spider-Man 3 has raised many hopes. So far, the movie has made $150

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  • May 29 2007

    New Initiative to Help Promote Online Casino Regulation

    Congressman Barney Frank’s legislation initiative is gaining nationwide support. The Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative is aimed at increasing public awareness to the importance of regulating the online casino industry in the United States. Frank’s new legislation initiative was not what the industry has expected as it doesn’t call for the cancellation of the

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  • May 28 2007

    Online Casino Poker Firm Releases 1st Quarter Results

    The Taiwan-based company Giga Media has released its first quarter results with magnificent numbers. The gambling firm who purchased Grand Virtual in the past is now making impressive headway with about 167 percent increase to its net income! One of the main sources for such a remarkable turnout is the online casino poker site ‘Everest

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  • May 27 2007

    Malta Based Online Casino Firm Gets ISO Certification

    A UK gambling firm based in Malta has managed to perfect its professional governance up to the standards of the international ISO 27001:2005 standard and was recently approved for certification. The ISO 27001:2005 certification indicates a high standard of information management and is referring to the firm’s Information Security Management System. In the world of

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  • May 26 2007

    Backgammon Site Auctions Sports Star Shorts

    Heavyweight boxer Roman Greenberg’s shorts have been purchased by a backgammon website for a sum of $100,000. The gambling site decided to buy the sport star’s shorts in order to auction them for charity, and arouse public’s awareness for online gambling and the site’s existence. Site owners announced that the money will be donated to

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  • May 25 2007

    Korean Authorities Fight Foreign Gambling Sites

    With internet gambling expanding into the global market following the enactment of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in the United States, more and more Koreans discover the wonderful world of online gambling. Although the Korean Internet Safety Commission is doing it’s best to prevent Koreans from visiting international websites that offer online betting, it

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  • May 24 2007

    Department of Justice Indict in UIGEA Scam

    The United States just won’t let online gambling return to America. Upon the enactment of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, the American authorities have toughened their approach towards internet gambling operations. The U.S. Department of Justice has taken down several gambling operations in the United States and indicted seven people in soliciting betting using

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  • May 23 2007

    Big Names Are Not Always the Best Recipe for Entertainment

    When searching the web for the right online casino, people tend to stick with the big brands and famous gambling firms. While this guarantees superior customer service and a handful of features, languages support and other user-friendly gadgets, it doesn’t always promise that you play for the highest jackpots. A happy internet gambler managed to

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  • May 22 2007

    Horseracing Community Uses UIGEA’s Inconsistency

    The United States horse racing industry is urging Americans to use the internet for gambling. That’s right; gamble using the internet. Under the new Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement, gambling firms are unable to conduct their business in the United States as financial companies won’t handle their accounts. It is illegal to offer financial services for

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