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  • Apr 30 2007

    Mediocre Online Casino Proposal Not Good For Business

    Barney Frank’s proposal for a regulatory authority to supervise the online casino industry was not what people were expecting. The online casino industry was hoping for a hero that will fight the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act directly, but instead Frank has proposed a mediocre online casino bill that does not serve the industry’s interests.

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  • Apr 29 2007

    New Online Casino Poker Site Joins Technology Leader

    The online casino turnkey provider Microgaming announced that an additional online casino poker is joining its ring of online gambling venues. The new site, one of the most popular online poker sites on the net, will be integrated into Microgaming’s platform and join the ongoing expansion over Europe. The entire online casino industry is moving

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  • Apr 28 2007

    Online Casino Sports Industry Cuts Manpower

    The downsizing in the United States online casino industry continues as one of the leading information sites, that caters for sports fans, is now letting 28 staffers go. The news were published on an online casino gambling portal that follows the industry closely, especially since October 2006 when the anti online casino bill was enacted.

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  • Apr 27 2007

    Online Casino Sites Play with World’s Fate

    All online casino players, novice and seasoned alike, know that if you can think about it – you can wager on it at the nearest online casino. Well, the gambling craze is taking it up a notch and now people can place bets on the very fate of the world. Global warming is the latest

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  • Apr 26 2007

    Online Casino Players Believe Legal Ban Won’t Stand

    With recent voices from Democrats about overthrowing the current ban over online casino gambling, a central information site that monitors the online gambling industry has conducted a poll asking people about their anti online casino bill’s future. Judging from the results, it seems that the industry’s future is going to be bright one. 75 percent

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  • Apr 25 2007

    Increase Online Casino Fun with Training Tools

    Online casino player looking to perfect their card playing might got their wishes as a popular online casino portal offers a free tool for video poker training. Video poker is a virtual version of poker and has many different variations. The thrill of the classic poker is conserved and with blazing graphics and elaborate interfaces,

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  • Apr 24 2007

    CBC Sued Over Online Casino Broadcast

    Doug Lewis, Canada’s former Minister of Justice, is claiming that a show airing by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation which addressed online casino gambling has ruined his reputation. Lewis served as Canada’s Minister of Justice in 1988; he was the Minister of Transport back in 1990, and also the Solicitor General of the country in 1991.

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  • Apr 23 2007

    Investment Fund Targets Online Casino Stocks

    Rupert Morell, lead investment manger for Premier believes that the business community does not give the online casino industry the attention it deserves. Morell is heading a GBP 13 million European Growth Fund, and aims at using his financial influence to change the current situation. Back in October 2006, when the United States enacted the

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  • Apr 22 2007

    Online Casino Technology Firm Puts the Edge on Marketing

    involved in the marketing process. This way, online casino owners could feel free to use Cryptologic’s online gambling platform in the way best suited for their site and offers. Cryptologic, one of the most popular firms that specialize in online casino technology development, have issued a new marketing plan that puts the emphasis on empowering

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  • Apr 21 2007

    NHL Playoff Brings Great Online Casino Sports Wagers

    The NHL playoffs are underway and this is your chance to take part in one of the most exciting events in the world of sports. All the big online casino sports books are offering wagers for the 2007 Stanley Cup, and it’s a tough call this year. With Edmonton surprising the league and heading for

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