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Texas Man Wins Second Lottery Prize This Year

Texas Man Wins Second Lottery Prize This Year

A man from Fort Worth in Texas has won $1 million from a lottery scratch card, his second win in less than nine months.

Texas Man Wins Second Lottery Prize This Year

T.W. Smith won a $1 million jackpot playing the new lottery 20X Cash game.

Earlier this year in February T.W. Smith won $1,000 and last week he returned to the Texas Lottery claim center for the second time. Smith became the first person to claim a top $1 million prize from the new lottery 20X Cash game.

The game has a total of $76 million in prizes to give away; however, according to the Texas Lottery Commission the odds of winning any prize, including break-even prizes, are one in 3.05. At present there are four unclaimed prizes.

Even though he has hit the jackpot Smith still wants to win more, last week he told the Texas Lottery Commission, “I’m at the store right now trying to scratch-off another win.”

Smith says he doesn’t have any special way of picking scratch cards, “I just go with the new ones, whenever a new came comes out, I’ll try it.”

Smith bought the winning ticket from an EZ Mart in Arlington, as a result of his win the store will be rewarded a $10,000 retailer bonus.

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