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  • Sep 16 2007

    Mansion Becomes Playtech Licensee

    Playtech, leader in online casino software development, has one yet another major client. Following waves of speculations and rumors it is now official; the Mansion online gambling group has become a Playtech licensee. The Gibraltar based gambling group confirmed the deal in a press release last week and disclosed the details of the agreement. Playtech

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  • Sep 15 2007

    German Team to Feature Online Casino Logo

    Sports sponsorships are amongst the best ways for any online gambling firm to promote its business. Such sponsorship deals are usually the most expensive ones in the industry and gambling groups are working hard at getting them. However, it’s not always about the money alone and there are legal setbacks at times. Recently, the German

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  • Sep 15 2007

    Online Gambling Firm Changes Directorate

    Probability Games plc. is undergoing changes in its high management as two directors leave the firms’ directorate and a non-executive director jumps aboard. Bill Henbrey has accepted the appointment and will join the online gambling group’s top team. Henbrey headed the United Kingdom Betting & Gaming and Leisure & Hospitality units at BDO for the

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  • Sep 14 2007

    Democrats Fight for Online Casino Competition in Sweden

    Svenska Spel and other Swedish gambling monopolies were attacked by the Sweden’s Social Democrat party for pushing private groups out of the lucrative online casino market in Sweden. Currently, only firms with close connections to the government can operate and offer online gambling services. These are government monopolies that control the entire online casino market

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  • ATP Warns Tennis Players from Online Casino Fraud
    Sep 13 2007

    ATP Warns Tennis Players from Online Casino Fraud

    Etienne De Villiers, the Chief Executive of the Association of Tennis, announced that a zero-tolerance policy regarding tennis players taking part in online sports gambling on matches. Such players, who are found to be involved in online casino sports gambling, would face a lifetime ban from the sport. The phenomena where sports players are betting

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  • Sep 13 2007

    US Doesn’t Want to Pay WTO Members

    An article in the Antigua Sun last week discloses new details about the World Trade Organization case that Antigua and Barbuda has risen against the United States. As the case developed additional countries have joined Antigua’s in its claims against the U.S. Currently, the United States is facing Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Costa

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  • Sep 12 2007

    A World of Opportunities at the Online Casinos

    Playing online casino games is great fun. However, many gamblers only play at certain games while ignoring the diversity of the online gambling world. The days when online poker and online roulette were the only attractions at the online casino are long gone. Today, one can find dozens of different gaming styles. Online casinos are

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  • Sep 11 2007

    Illegal Poker Clubs on the Sweden’s Gaming Board’s Target

    Lotterinspektionen, the gaming board in Sweden, has decided to put an end to the phenomenon of illegal poker in the country. The board has called on police to adopt a tougher active stand against the underground poker clubs which operate throughout Sweden. According to a report by the body, there are about one hundred illegal

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  • Sep 11 2007

    European Commission Seeks Free Online Casino Market

    Online gambling in Europe has a very bizarre pattern. While domestic firms are allowed to flourish within their country, governments prohibit the operation of international gambling groups. For example, under the French online gambling legislation, foreign online casino sites are unable to offer services for the country’s citizens. Now, the European Commission is demanding answers

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  • Sep 10 2007

    Online Casino Business is Different Now

    Ask any player around and he will tell you that the world of online casino gambling is changing. Since the United States enacted the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act, almost a year ago, things have changed dramatically. Large industry names have vanished while other emerged. The largest online gambling market in the world has become an

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